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Zucker & Co Wins Award for Innovation in Investments (Second Opinion Concept)


In its 2014 Wealth & Money Management Awards the readers of Wealth and Finance International have awarded the price for Innovation in Investment to Zucker & Co for its focus and dedication to the Second Opinion Concept.

On being presented with Wealth & Finance’s Award for Innovation in Investments for Zucker & Co’s second opinion concept, Olivier Zucker says, "It is, of course, always a pleasure to be recognised by your clients for the work you do and the way you help them on their investment journey. It shows, that what we are doing is important to the clients and that we respond to an existing and growing demand in the market.”

"Giving a second opinion offers us the opportunity to independently assess the merits of an investment solution and make sure that it is fit for purpose and suitable to produce the results the client is expecting.”

"The investment world is becoming more and more difficult. This is partly due to the increasing complexity of financial products, and partly due to regulation. In this increasingly daunting environment clients need somebody who is sitting on their side of the table translating the investment jargon into plain English."

Zucker & Co Investment Advisors Ltd is a London based independent investment advisory and consultancy firm focusing on private clients, charities and family offices. Zucker & Co is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.