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About Us

Zucker & Co Investment Advisors Ltd is an independent investment advisory and consultancy firm focused on the clients we serve and the advice we provide.

Our guiding principles are independence, transparency, integrity and consistency: we put these at the core of our client service. We strive to offer impartial advice, avoid conflicts of interest and are under no pressure or obligation to sell or promote financial products.

Our people

Oliver Zucker, the founder and Managing Director of Zucker & Co Investment Advisors Ltd, has extensive knowledge of the financial markets and is highly skilled and experienced in advising private clients.

He is supported by a small team of specialist advisers and consultants with expertise in investment research, product structuring and investment management. The team combines depth of technical know-how with the ability to understand and work with private clients to ensure that their financial needs and requirements are met.

Why us

At Zucker & Co Investment Advisors Ltd, we combine dedication with high standards of service delivery and financial expertise. Our clients come to us because they are assured that they will receive advice that is both independent and impartial.

From the moment you are introduced to one of our advisors or consultants, your needs and requirements will be our main priority. We are a small and flexible team, so we can respond quickly to your requirements without being hindered by the administrative weight of a larger organisation. We truly put clients first.

Olivier Zucker created Zucker & Co Investment Advisors Ltd in 2009 as an independent financial services firm providing investment advisory a...