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Our Clients

Our clients include private clients, trustees, charities and financial intermediaries, among others.

Private clients

For private clients we provide investment advice or an investment consulting service to resolve a specific investment-related issue. This often takes the form of a 'second opinion' where we help a client to review their existing portfolio and better understand the financial structures and products within this. Typical assignments include portfolio reviews, client risk profiling, developing asset allocation frameworks, analysing structured products, and managing evaluation and performance analysis.

Trustees and charities

When working with trustees and charities, we provide an outsourced investment centre with technical and quantitative support for all investment-related matters. This is particularly applicable where there are no in-house investment resources to analyse the technical information required to make informed decisions. More specifically, we can support trustees and charities in their selection of managers, their choice and composition of benchmarks, and their application of asset allocation models.

Financial intermediaries

We support financial intermediaries in areas of the technical investment process where they wish to outsource some elements of the analytical and quantitative analysis. In particular, we can help in the analysis and application of structured products, the analysis and suitability of benchmarks, and in providing general quantitative support for the investment process.